Antec Sonata III



The front of the Sonata III box says ‘Legendary Silence TM’. The TM part doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence in its noise prevention. However, I was VERY pleasantly surprised. For the factory, the Tri-Cool fan was set to low, pumping out 39CFM @ 25 dBA.

As the case only has one 120mm fan, it won’t be of particular interest to the extreme performance market, but does do a sufficient job of stopping your PC overheating. If you are bothered about the soaring temperatures, then the second space for another 120mm fan may be a viable choice.

Thanks to using their own silent PSU, the case is very quiet, obviously providing that you use quiet components as well. In fact, it was hard to tell whether the PC was on or not. Watching a DVD or film with this would be a pleasure. It’s not silent – close to – but not quite silent. Mulnaz I feel.

The optical drives however weren’t as quiet. As they are quite a tight fit, they pass every little bit of vibration onto the rest of the case, meaning that if you are burning a CD or installing software, you’ll witness a cacophony of noise and whirring. Granted this only happens every now and again (you’re not installing something all day every day) but if you are watching a DVD and your drive spins up faster than usual, you’ll notice.

After carrying this case around, you can tell that it’s made of steel rather than aluminium. Compared to a Lian Li case, the difference is vast. It scored 3 out of 3 in our case strength test, proving its ability to provide a solid chassis for a LANer or indeed anyone who moves their PC around a lot.

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Last modified: August 15, 2011

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