Antec Solo Midi Tower Case


This section doubles as the “Testing” part of the review. However, since you can’t really “Test” a case, I will be grading it on how easy it is to fit the computer parts into it as well as its ingenuity, features and style.

First in was the PSU, no problems there:

Solo Case Fitting PSU

Next up was the CD drive. Fitting this was a bit of a process, but ultimately a fantastic way of fitting 5 1/2″ drives. You ave to take your drive of choice, and screw the provided “Clips” to the sides of it. Once done you can simply slide the clipped drive into the drive bay and it clicks into place. If you want to remove the drive you simply press the clips inwards slightly and the drive will slide smoothly out.

Solo Case CD Drive Clips

After that it was onto the Hard drive. This part of the case was also full of nifty features. You are actually offered a choice of ways to mount your prized HD into the Solo case. The first way involves a drive bay which has silicone spacers underneath the drive, making it slightly move quiet than normal as the silicone grommets (Which are great fun to just sit and play with by the way) reduce vibrations from the drive, and therefore not only quieten the drive, but also probably slightly prolong the life of the drive itself. The side clips are already applied on the hard drive trays, but they are identical to the CD drive ones so work just as well.

HD Drive mounting

The other way you can fit the drives is by suspending it between two twisted pieces of elastic. This is the ultimate way to reduce noise output from the hard drive as it almost eliminates vibrations. However, since I was moving this case around a lot while fitting the components into this case I opted for the silicone based tray option.

Elastic HD Mounts

Then it was onto the motherboard, CPU, GPU and memory. These were relatively easy to install, there was all the necessary spacer screw holes in the motherboard tray and there were plenty of places to hide cables to keep the cases air flow at quite a high level. However, my personal taste usually finds itself in the corner of the larger cases as they are usually easier to work with. Needless to say I cut myself once while installing the hardware into this case, not a biggy but its always nice in the bigger cases as you have more room to maneuver your hands.

Here is what it looked like after the install:

Antec Solo Midi Tower Case

Yea I know the CD drive isn’t colour coded, I’m working on it :).

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