Antec Solo Midi Tower Case

Inside the Case

After taking off the side panel, I noticed, for the first time, the sound deadening panels that Antec had been so careful in mentioning on their packaging. They seem to be made of a type of porous plastic. We will see in all due time whether it is effective or not.

Side Panel Sound Proof

These panels are also on the top of the case and on the other side panel:

Sound Proof Panel

I decided to take a look at what’s hidden behind the front panel next. So unclipping it on the left hand side it simply swung open. Nice and simple and saves you having to undo clips on both sides. Behind we have the dust grills, preventing too much dust from getting into the case, along with the slots for the optional 90mm fans.

Front Panel Fan Mountsw

Dust Protectors and fan mounts

The dust guards are also on a hinged panel and can be swung open in the opposite direction to the front panel, by simply undoing a couple of thumbscrews.

Front Panel Thumb Screws

Antec Solo Midi Tower Case Review

Not only does this door give you access to the back of the dust panels and the fan mounts, but you also get access to the HD placement area of the case. Here you have a choice of mounting your hard drive, either silicone balanced cages, or in between elastic bands. More on this later.

To finish up my tour of the case’s insides and outs I have a look at the bottom. Here you have 4 rubber feet: 1) To stop vibration, and 2) To stop the case becoming scratched on the underside paintwork.

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