Antec Solo Midi Tower Case


The front panel has the obligatory on/off button and reset switch. It also has an audio and microphone socket along with two USB 2 slots and a firewire one.

Audio Ports

Oddly, the slots didn’t seem to be in the right place when I received this case, perhaps the case got bumped in transit. There is also an HD light and an engraved “Antec” at the bottom of the front panel.

Solo Case HD Light

At the back we have the slot for the PSU; unfortunately no PSU included in this package.

Solo Case PSU Slot

There is also the exhaust hole for the huge 120mm fan that sits on the back of this case. A very welcome cooling feature if ever I saw one.

120mm Fan Slot

The main side panel (Ie. The one that gives you access to all your computer parts) has nicely sized thumbscrews, not too big, not too small.

Antec Solo Midi Tower Case ThumbScrews

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