Antec Fusion Micro



I installed the following components into the case:


Intel C2D E5550 Dual Core 2.33GHz


Asus P5K-VM

Graphics Card

XFX 8600GT


Corsair XMS2 PC6400 (2x 1GB)

Hard Drive

Hitachi HDT7250 (250GB)


Windows XP Pro 32bit

Firstly, I installed the Hard Drive. This proved to be a little fiddly as you first have to remove the LCD screen by squeezing two clips on either side at the back of the screen. The whole thing then lifts out and allows the HDD bracket to be removed after unscrewing the necessary screws. The Hard Drive then simply screws into the bracket and there are anti-vibration pads on all the holes which ensure that it doesn’t rattle.

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Then, I decided to insert the CD Drive which was incredibly straightforward. Simply remove the bracket, then screw in the drive and slide the bracket back in. This is incredibly easy to take out as it just slides in and out, thus avoiding the ha
sle of screws. It seems odd that this system wasn’t employed on the HDD.

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The Antec Micro Fusion 350 comes with a pre-installed 350W power supply and therefore there is no need install a different one for more HTPCs.

Then all that remained was to screw in the motherboard and slot the graphics card into it; this is made easier if you remove the bar above the motherboard chamber. Finally, connect up all the leads and cables to the correct sockets.

The LCD screen is certainly a high point of the case and one of the reasons for the increased price. Whilst the screen is not being used for media purposes, it will automatically scroll news, collecteded from online sources, which is a nice extra.

Moreover, whilst being used for media purposes, the screen displays a range of information for all media types. For example, movie names, song titles, artists and even the date and time. Naturally, this is useful as it allows the user to view this information all the time without having to access it through the monitor.

Finally, the LCD screen, despite being relatively small, lights up upon being powered up and this certainly lights up the case and acts as a focal point for the eye.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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