Antec Fusion Micro


Box and Bundle


The outside of the box immediately focuses your attention to a large picture of the HTPC case right in the centre in a slanted direction. Above this is the slogan ‘Powerfully Petite’; Antec are keen to stress the smallness of this case.

Furthermore, it is evident that the manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to detail on the external packaging. For example, the use of colours (white and blues); the slogans and the writing such as “Quiet Computing” as well as showing off the remote control function. Overall, the effect is that of professional quality without being too ‘in-your-face’.

Finally, the front displays the usual product and company names as well as a few other logos like the 80-plus certified one.

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The back of the packaging has much information and contains the features and specifications of the Micro 350 is three different languages: English, German and French.

Also, below this there is a small diagram displaying the internals of the case and this is nice to see as it allows any potential buyers to view the inside without having to actually remove the top panel.

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After opening the box, it is clear that the case has been extremely well protected as it is enclosed with a polythene bag to keep off any dust and stop anything touching it. However, there is also Styrofoam at the edges of the Micro Fusion 350 in order to stop any wobble during transport and stop any damage being incurred.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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