Antec DF 30


Antec DF-30 Internals

The DF-30’s internals are painted all-black as has become the norm for any respectable gaming chassis. In terms of the actual layout, the interior is spacious and open plan; a very different style in comparison to the P180 and later revisions.

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The drive bays list vertically: three 5.25” at the top with a 3.5” below for a card reader or other device (perhaps even a floppy drive if you’re real old school!). Further down are the six 3.5” hard drive slots and a further 2.5” bay. Note that, if the 2.5” is in use, the number of useable 3.5” drives is limited to five rather than the full six.

Installation wise, Antec hasn’t opted for tool-less design and entered into the whole tool-less mechanism fray. Instead they simply offer robust, simple methods requiring the odd screw or two.

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For the hard drives, a screw either side does the job but usefully after the whole build has been completed the HDDs can simply slide out the front via the “fleet release doors” in order to prevent confliction with video cards or other devices when trying to remove the drives.

Looking at the motherboard tray, Antec has adopted the CPU cut-out allowing heatsinks to be installed without the need for full motherboard removal. However, the company has not decided to include additional holes for cable management purposes choosing instead to offer routing behind the 3.5” bays.

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All-in-all installation follows a very simple layout: sure it’s not the most innovative but everything fits and is held securely. Up to an 11.5” graphics card is installable although unfortunately the PCI slot covers are non-replaceable after being initially removed.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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