BenQ W750 720p 3D DLP Projector

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Physical Features

The W750 is a very thin projector, even smaller than the W1060. The projector’s single lens is offset from the centre to the right, with a detachable lens cap attached via a rubbery cord. A BenQ logo is in the centre, with an exhaust port on the left hand side. At the base of the front is a button labelled PUSH which extends the stand.


Turning our attention now to the top of the projector, we have once again a familiar layout, with the lens controls (focus and zoom) at the upper left, some logos on the upper right, and controls near the middle of the bottom.


The same buttons as the W1060 are here, but the buttons are more raised from the surface and therefore seem a bit easier to press.


On the back, we’ve got the inputs and outputs. We’ve got exactly the same set here as on the W1060, which is to say two HDMI ports, Component, VGA, RCA and S-Video. More HDMI ports would be nice, but for a budget projector this is a great spread.


Finally on the bottom of the projector we have some additional vents and a number of stickers which various pieces of information.


The projector is definitely nicely designed, with small dimensions and a low weight. That makes it moderately portable, although a bit risky to transport without a good amount of protection around it. I’d recommend using the box – which comes with a helpful handle at the top – until you’ve picked up a proper case for it.


As mentioned above, the projector comes with a set of BenQ Active 3D glasses. The glasses are turned on via a button along the top of the arm.


These are charged via a very short USB cable, which plugs in on one arm of the glasses behind a pull-out cover.

Overall, the glasses are quite light and comfortable, if a bit awkward to wear on top of my regular spectacles.

The projector also comes with a remote. This remote is a bit difficult to use, with overly chunky buttons. Still, it’s nice to have.

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Last modified: February 7, 2018

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