BenQ W1060 1080p DLP Projector


Ultimately, the BenQ W1060 provides a compelling example of a projector that will serve as a meaningful upgrade over a similarly priced HDTV. While the two paradigms have their strengths and weaknesses, I feel for rooms that allow for it a projector can often be a better choice. The W1060 compares favourably to other projectors too, with few major weaknesses and strong overall performance when paired with at least moderately bright scenes.

Ultimately, I feel that the W1060 is a strong choice for gamers looking to try full HD projectors for the first time, particularly for pro-gaming fans that want to repay BenQ for their continuing sponsorship of eSports players, teams and events.

I will say this as well – of all the elements of my gaming arsenal, nothing has gotten as much respect as my BenQ projector.


  • Looks great in bright scenes
  • Plenty of connectivity options
  • Easily usable OSD + buttons
  • Good value


  • Darker scenes problematic
  • Weak internal speaker
  • Only moderate throw ratio
  • Relatively loud and hot



Last modified: February 7, 2018

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