BenQ W1060 1080p DLP Projector

The Projector

The W1060 is a very sleek and stylish looking projector, with a beautiful glossy white and silver finish. It’s all laid out how you would expect, with the lens on the right hand side, fan output on the left, controls on the top and connectors on the rear. The left and right sides are unadorned, except for the omnipresent grilles. On the bottom, there’s an extensible leg that allows you to angle the projector slightly as well as the standard serial numbers.

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The front of the chassis reminds me a little of a futuristic vacuum cleaner, with large heat vents. The placement of these is slightly problematic for non-ceiling mountings, as I’ll mention later. The lens is a good size and is offset to the right of the centre.

Looking at the top, we’ve got the controls. These are clustered in two areas: zoom and focus dials along the axis of the lens and buttons in the centre. These buttons are quite standard blister buttons, and actuate easily. There’s a grid of 10 buttons here, with a 3×3 grid of OSD controls and a power button. It’s a pretty comprehensive arrangement.

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The rear of the projector has the multitude of inputs. The most important of these are two HDMI inputs (which can be used for pretty much everything these days, including games consoles, PCs, Blu-ray players and the like), Component (for first-generation Xbox 360s like mine), as well as a bevy of legacy inputs including VGA and RCA. There are also reasonable sound options, namely 3.5 mm in and out. All of the connectors are nicely spaced, to ensure that it’s easy to have a large number of cables plugged in simultaneously.

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The bottom, as mentioned above, has an extensible leg which can be trigged via a PUSH button at the very bottom of the front of the projector. The leg adds about an inch of tilt, allowing a good degree of adjustment.

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That’s pretty much it for physical features – in short, this is a well featured projector that looks great. The overall size is pleasant too – big enough for the buttons and ports to be comfortable to access, but small and light enough that carrying it to a LAN party or friend’s house isn’t entirely out of the question, particularly when the bag is used.

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Last modified: February 7, 2018

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