BenQ GW2760HS Monitor

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Physical Features

Monitors have fairly straight-forward physical features, so let’s move through this quickly. The first overall impression you get of the monitor is that it is dramatically thin – much more so than the admittedly higher grade Crossover 27Q. The bezel is similarly skinny, making this a good choice for multi-monitor setups.


On the back, we’ve got the standard arrangement of inputs and power. The array of inputs is actually quite impressive – we’ve got HDMI, DVI and VGA all accounted for. The only option missed is DisplayPort, but that’s quite understandable given the pricepoint.


The stand is fairly tame in its design, slotting nicely into the back of the monitor for a nice toolless install. The stand offers about 20 degrees of tilt flexibility, which is fairly small but not enough to complain about too vociferously. The monitor does come with a VESA mounting, so if you found the stand limiting it could easily be swapped for a desk mount, for example.


We conclude our tour by looking at the buttons. These are quite well designed, with a very obvious segmented feel that make controlling the OSD quite simple. The buttons actuate with a noticeable click, which is again quite welcome.


And that’s about it for physical features, so let’s on to the fun part: testing!

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Last modified: February 7, 2018

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