BenQ GW2750HM Monitor

Physical Features

This is a fairly nondescript monitor, completely in black and with glossy plastic used for the base. At 27″ it’s a good size for gamers, and as it’s LED lit it’s also quite light, making it good for taking to remote LAN parties. The stand is quite standard in its operation, with just tilt options available – no raising or lowering here. The range of tilt motion is 20 degrees, from negative 5 to positive 15. While the base isn’t massive, it feels sturdy enough.

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The display itself is flanked by a number of logos, which are all quite small but together contribute toward a bit of a crowded look.

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On the back we’ve got our inputs. As it mentions in the specifications above, we’ve got three video connectors – VGA, DVI and HDMI – as well as 3.5 mm line in and headphones out. These latter two ports are useful to have if you want to use headphones, but the cord isn’t quite long enough to stretch to the back of your PC.

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The controls are on the right hand side of the monitor. These are clearly labelled and fairly easy to find with your fingers.


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That’s pretty much it for the physical features – there are no real extras to speak of; e.g. no USB ports, card reader or the like. Of course, that’s to be expected on what is a fairly inexpensive monitor.

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Last modified: February 7, 2018

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