AUKEY Bluetooth Speaker with Enhanced Bass review

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The Aukey Wireless Portable Speaker has two 8W drivers, 8 hours of battery life and the ability to answer calls. To give you the whole picture, see our complete review below.

Features & Specifications



  • Two 8W drivers
  • Enhanced bass
  • 8 hours playtime with a 4 hour charge time
  • Operating range of up to 10m
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls
  • Sturdy and portable design
  • 200x60x64 mm dimensions
  • 675 g weight


The Aukey boasts a simple but sleek silver and grey design with smooth edges. It is primarily metal but has a rubbery base, with the control buttons on the top while the power button and ports are at the back. It appears to be a sturdy and durable model, and it’s heavier than you might think. However the ports are uncovered and no protective case is included beyond the basic cardboard box it is packaged in — which might not hold up too well on the beach!

The speaker has buttons for volume adjustment and separate ones for previous and next track. In addition there is a multi-function play/pause button and one for answering calls.


The Aukey is simple and quick to set up with a very easy to understand user manual.

It radiates sound in all directions, making it perfect for being put into the middle of a group. It is capable of producing loud sounds, especially for its size, which means it can easily fill medium-sized rooms. In addition it is suitable for outdoor use due to its surround sound potential.

Powerful sound suitable for your garden parties!

The Aukey is good for a variety of musical styles, though I have primarily tested it with rock, pop and Latin. It maintains a clear sound for all these styles, a greatly marked improvement from the speakers on my laptop!

The 10 metre Bluetooth range is accurate, and within this distance the sound is not distorted even if the phone is moving around (so yes, you can dance with the phone in your pocket!). However this changes if there is something between the phone and speakers. If used outdoors however, moving the phone too much can interrupt the clear sound. Once you go outside of 10 metres, the connection is quickly lost in any setting.

Possesses speaker grilles all the way around!

There is a 3.5mm audio cable if you wish to use a direct connection to connect to your phone or laptop for example. The main problem is that this cable is, like the charger cable, only 63cm. The charger is only USB compatible; a USB to wall adapter will need to be bought separately if you don’t want to rely on charging with your laptop or PC.

With a single LED indicator, it is not too easy to discern how much battery there is left, the only indication will be a red blinking light when battery is low. One colour code for the LED seems to not be explained in the manual however, and that is purple, which seems to mean both connected and charging together.

Wrapping up

With its sleek, smooth design and clear surround sound, the Aukey is a solid choice for a portable wireless speaker. However its price is somewhat higher than some other ones available, so it is worth comparing specs with other options.


Aukey Bluetooth Speaker deals

EUR 43,99


Last modified: September 7, 2017

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