Tt eSPORTS Isurus In-Ear Gaming Headset

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Overall, it has to be said that as far as the default configuration goes, the Isurus headset tends towards the treble end of the spectrum, often to a fault. The highs were often pretty harsh and the bass was occasionally quite anaemic, requiring some manual intervention with an equaliser to even things out to an acceptable level (a cardinal sin in the audiophile world, though this is definitely not the target audience for these budget gaming buds). With that said, the default configuration was often perfect for many scenarios, and indeed the headphones sounded pretty good on most occasions once the equaliser had brought the bass up a little and the treble down. It ultimately boils down to the notion that on a case by case basis, YMMV: your mileage may vary.

It can’t be denied that the accessories and extra mile that Tt have gone definitely help the appeal of the headphones. From the stylish carry case to the additional buds and gold-plating, the Isurus is definitely a set that looks well and will be suitable for most people. They provide great value for money, with all the additions considered.

Like the Azurues, there were a few grammatical slip-ups that made the product feel just that little bit tackier, in ways it really doesn’t deserve; I would really urge Thermaltake to have someone review the taglines and specs going forward to ensure that the intended meaning is coming across.

Ultimately, they are a very affordable set of headphones and worth a look.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Included branded pouch keeps everything together and avoids tangling


  • Highs are pretty harsh in standard use
  • Shaping required with equaliser to make listening to many songs acceptable


Last modified: May 11, 2014

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