Tt eSPORTS Isurus In-Ear Gaming Headset

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The Isurus headphones were tested under a variety of conditions, including in games as intended, as well as listening to a wide variety of music on both computers and portable devices, to really give them a run for their money.


“Silent Wars” – Arch Enemy: Unfortunately, this harsh metal offering was extremely tinny and needed some bass boosting with an equaliser to bring it up to par. Once configured correctly, it worked well, with strong bass and a good feel, but it did need tweaking.

“Riding with the King” – B.B. King and Eric Clapton: This song was perfect in the standard configuration, alongside The Beatles’ cover of “Rock and Roll Music” and Biffy Clyro’s “God & Satan,” with good accurate bass response and crisp, clean highs.

“Cochise” – Audioslave: This was also excellent, with a warm overall tone and a good rock feel to the overall sound.

“Brian Wilson” – Barenaked Ladies: Similar to Beck’s “Where it’s at,” Boston’s “More than a feeling” and Biffy Clyro’s “Mountains,” the highs were unbearably harsh and needed the edge taken off them with an equaliser tweak. The bass response was actually fine in all of the above examples, with clean, warm mids, but they were marred by an almost painful high edge that needed toned down.

“Battle Scene” – Black Mages: Like “Those Who Fight Further” from the same band, the highs were similarly harsh like the previous examples, but in spite of that, had really superb bass response, thick and powerful.


The gaming setup with online multiplayer games was excellent, with good directional audio, even bass response from explosions and gunfire, as well as clear voice chatting, which may be some of the cause behind the default focus on the high treble areas. There is good separation between action and voices, which allows good multi-purpose use without having to compromise on either side of the balance.


The headphones can be found for around £20, which is extremely good value for comfortable, budget in-ear buds that have a microphone, conversion cable, carry case and alternate buds included.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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