Steelseries Siberia

Audio, Peripherals

Contents & Packaging

The packaging has a look of class to it with the sleek black finish and exposed panel revealing the headset contained within. The front gives the full title of the headset along with a few features and of course the SteelSeries logo.

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The back which is tenfold more informative gives a couple more shots of the headset, the front and side views, the full list of specifications and the features related to an image of the Siberia by a series of numbers.

And don’t forget the short marketing blurb which bigs up the headset for its gaming prowess.

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So what goodies accompany the main product? Well, you get a small manual (when I say manual I actually a catalogue trying to sell you other SteelSeries products), a SteelSeries sticker and some Velcro sticky pads.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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