Steelseries Siberia v2


Test Rig

Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.66GHz
Motherboard Asus P6T SE
Memory OCZ Gold Triple Channel Platinum-10666 6GB (3 x 2GB)
Graphics Card XFX 1GB Radeon 4870
Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 500GB
Power Supply OCZ ModXStream 600W
Enclosure Open Air Testing
OS Windows Vista 64-bit


Headsets, like many other peripherals, are quite difficult to test as the results are going to be based mainly around the user’s personal preference for bass and treble levels, and their ability to convey the quality of the sound; because of this, the testing is rather subjective.

To fully test the headset though, we play different types of music, movies and games while wearing the headphones.


Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty World at War is the latest in a long line of CoD titles. Featuring an array of explosions, gunfire, booms and bangs, it’s a great test for any headset or audio device. Now, the original Siberia was one of the best headsets I’ve tested in terms of sound quality and so I was expecting great things from the V2. True to its predecessor, the sound quality is just as real, clear, intense (pick a word of praise I’m sure it will fit!) as the original headset if not more so.

The headset really does complete a full immersive gaming experience with bullets whizzing overhead and artillery booming just across the street. Increasing the volumes just increases the experience and the sound quality hardly falters with almost perfect sound. Sure, the clarity does fade a little but it’s nothing major.

Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 is perhaps one of EA’s more popular first person shooters focused entirely on multiplayer action. The flag based game is much more about team work than many newer titles and the infantry only “Strike at Karkand” map is incredibly popular. The mixture of open spaces and intense city areas makes for the perfect location allowing all classes to succeed whether it is snipers, medics or special ops.

Again, the sound quality was pretty much spot on and so we’ll move on to the microphone testing. This is an aspect of benchmarking that this game is good for due to the squad based system in which VOIP is very useful. It must be said, that the mic is very easy to use and is far and beyond what the microphone from the original Siberia. From feedback from team mates it was very evident that my voice was transferred clearly and effectively – definitely thumbs up for the improvement made here by SteelSeries.


With music testing I like to listen to a wide variety of music from Michael Jackson to InnerPartySystem to the Kanye West. In each instance the sound produced by the speakers was first rate with no real criticisms at all.


The different materials and extra padding makes the already comfortable Siberia headset even more so. It’s so comfortable that you almost forget you’re wearing it after a while!

2 responses to “Steelseries Siberia v2”

  1. I have a Pair of these i have found them very good loud good bass.

  2. Good at first, but only after one year the audio in the right earpiece began to go out. Now I can barely here anything out of it at all and it’s strange since the left is fine.

    The sound is great while it lasts, but if you have to spend this much money on a headset and have it go out after only one year you might as well spend your money on something better.

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