Steelseries Siberia v2

Siberia V2 Continued

Another, and perhaps the main, difference that has been implemented into the Siberia V2 is the position of the microphone. The original had a bulky mic attached to a clip so that it could be positioned on your shirt but in reality it just didn’t work and the ability to detach the mic completely wasn’t really a great feature.

So how has it been changed in the headset’s successor? Well, for a start the mic is an integrated part of the headset positioned at the bottom of the left ear cup. In addition to this, the mic is retractable allowing it to tuck away neatly when not in use. Overall, it’s a much better solution and the boom type, bendy cord allows it to be positioned in the perfect place for any user.

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The cabling has also been adjusted with thinner, neater white cables. An extension cable is included bringing the total length to three metres with a small volume regulator and mute button for the microphone. Again, this is a good upgrade and just gives the Siberia V2 the edge in terms of practicality.

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The connectors themselves are 3.5mm jacks, one for both the mic and headphones. So after the first showing everything looks top notch, but how will it perform?

2 responses to “Steelseries Siberia v2”

  1. I have a Pair of these i have found them very good loud good bass.

  2. Good at first, but only after one year the audio in the right earpiece began to go out. Now I can barely here anything out of it at all and it’s strange since the left is fine.

    The sound is great while it lasts, but if you have to spend this much money on a headset and have it go out after only one year you might as well spend your money on something better.

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