SteelSeries Siberia v2 – Natus Vincere edition

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Testing & Results

Sound Quality

I tested the sound quality with a variety of games and various music genres.

In-game, it was crisp, clear and most importantly: Not deafening. Some headsets tend to ubercharge the bass and it can make loud, explosive sounds render a person near-deaf.

For music, I had to play around with the sound levels of both the headset and my audio program, but once it was sorted out I was treated with a delightful response. Regardless of the song, genre or equalizer levels, the sound quality was immensely superb.

Mic Quality

Compared to my old microphone, this is a whole world of difference. Considering I was still using my old Oxide. which frequently crackled and dropped sound from years of abuse, it was refreshing to use a microphone that didn’t do any of that.

The actual sound quality itself was pretty much perfect all round. The microphone is pretty small (and is bereft of annoying LEDs) but it’s very, very receptive. I kept it quite far from my face just to make sure I didn’t explode any eardrums on my TF2 server.

The cable the microphone is on is also sturdy and stiff, a big plus in favour of flexible microphones. It doesn’t move or droop whilst it’s in use meaning it doesn’t need to be adjusted every now and then.


Normally, my complaint with headsets is that the cups don’t fit very well around the ears. In this case, they sit around my ears  with space leftover. However, in order to ensure that the Siberia v2 stays in place, it clamps tightly.

The padding on the cups is soundproofed and well padded, but it doesn’t completely alleviate the problem of the tightness around the skull. Over rather long periods of time, this becomes uncomfortable. The padding itself is coated with a non-stick material which sits lightly on the skin and provides no irritation at all.

The only major issue I had with this at all was down to having long hair. Due to the design of the headset itself, it’s not difficult for stray strands of hair to get caught up in the plastic backings on the cups.

Build Quality

Though I can’t say much for the packaging (a la the battle scar from the postal service), the headset itself is both sturdy and flexible. Since the whole thing is supported by what is essentially a rubber frame; it can be twisted and stretched without fear of it breaking, and it immediately snaps back to its original shape.

The plastics used for the ear cups is also very high quality. It’d take a lot of force to even put a scratch in them.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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SteelSeries Siberia v2 – Natus Vincere edition

  1. Amy says:

    These headphones are by far the best I have ever used or owned. I mainly use them for PC gaming. The sound quality is very good and the comfort level is high. You can war them for hours without any discomfort. I highly recommend these for gaming.

  2. Zeus says:

    Hi. You may want to change the product name of the review to the name of the product: “Siberia” not “Sibera”. The problem with that is that it will break your SEO and the link you sent out will be dead. Still, might want to…


    1. Whoopty says:

      Ha, thanks for spotting that for us. Oops. Fortunately we have smart URLs so it shouldn’t be dead, but won’t help SEO. Should be fixed now.

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