Speedlink Snappy Stereo Speakers


The Speedlink Snappy Stereo Speakers have two 3W drivers, a 1.2 m cable length and built-in volume control. To give you the whole picture, see our complete review below.

Features and Specifications

  • 2x 3W drivers
  • Built in volume control
  • 1.2m cable
  • 99x84x101mm
  • 400 grams


These small speakers have a fairly simple but effective design. The casing is entirely plastic, making the speakers light. Along the cable there is an on/off switch and a dial for the volume. The speakers’ small size means they are easily portable. The speakers require to be plugged into both a USB and a headphone port to be used.


30cm ruler for reference

The speakers are very easy to set up, easily fitting one on either side of a laptop with the volume control in a convenient location. The separate speakers can be at a maximum of 75 cm from each other due to cable length but this should be long enough for most screens. However with only 30 cm from the right speaker to the power switch / volume control, and 90 cm between the switch and the USB / headphone jack, it might not be ideal for larger desktop setups.

The quality in sound is nothing too special, only just surpassing my laptop’s integrated speakers. Also keep in mind that as the speaker grill is only on the front, sound travels in one direction. However the speakers are capable of being much louder than the laptop’s speakers, and are able to better maintain clarity of sound at higher volumes. The small box along the wire which houses the power switch and volume control was found to heat up very quickly, within minutes of use.

Wrapping up

These are simple and effective speakers with a low price — even if the sound quality is nothing special.

Last modified: September 7, 2017

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