Speedlink Metis Wireless Headset


The headset was trivial to set up, in both Microsoft Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). The device installed automatically on both platforms without the need for any drivers and identified itself appropriately, as soon as the USB dongle was plugged in.

The mic boom is adequately adjustable, sitting sturdy at any set angle and allowing enough bending of the main boom to correctly direct and position the mic. One perhaps notable issue is that the boom only comes down one way though, so the headset can not be used with the mic on the right-hand side. This would swap the audio around in any case unless software-flipped, though some users may want / need the mic on the other side.


I think overall the headset was pretty comfortable, particularly with the padded headband which helped it to sit comfortably for a long period of time. The build quality did let it down slightly, with a cheap, plasticky feel making it a little difficult to get sitting comfortably initially. Once it was, however, there were no issues with comfort.


The range is pretty impressive, though beyond line-of-sight, it can be (understandably) a little hit and miss. The headset had no problems whatsoever with full uninterrupted operation within the room, regardless of angle or distance. Outside of the room, the headset continued to perform fairly admirably, starting to intermittently lose signal with greater distance / more obstacles. The signal could often be sustained by moving around to just the right angle to be pointing back where the signal was coming from. Even on another floor from the device, the connection still continued uninterrupted provided the recommended range was not exceeded.

Battery life

The battery life is pretty good, lasting many hours of testing without issue. The standard three-hour charge is a pretty good indication of how long you need for a full charge. You of course don’t need to do it that long for basic operation, but if you want a nice long listening session it’s recommended.


The headset performed more than adequately with Skype, allowing a standard chat call to take place without any issues. The quality of the sound was also pretty good, though the user on the other end reported a rather distant, sub-par audio quality compared to other headsets, regardless of how the mic boom was positioned. It was certainly still possible to hear and understand the conversation without issue on both ends, but other mics performed better under the same conditions.


Watching a standard movie also performed well and without issue. The sound quality was decent enough; not outstanding, by any means, but you could certainly do a lot worse. Everything came through clearly and there was good separation.


There was a similar story for gaming; the headset performed well and without issue or interruption. The sound quality again was good enough and well separated, but not outstanding.

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