Speedlink Medusa NX

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Speedlink Medusa NX

The headset itself looks great in it’s matt black colouring and grilled earpieces.

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There’s a Speedlink embossed logo on non mic’d headphone, and a Medusa NX bit of text beneath that. Running around the central belogo’d plastic, is a honeycomb grill which I assume is to allow air to circulate around the internal speakers. It could also just be for aesthetics.

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Each earphone has a thick strip of foam padding running around the rim.

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The headstrap is made with the soft foam with that wrinkly material found on most headsets of this type.

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The microphone is attached to a bendable strip of material about 6 inches long. It should be able to reach the mouth of even the biggest of heads.

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The volume control is very similar to the original Medusa’s, with volume controls for Front, Rear, Central and VIB (Bass). There’s also an on and off switch, and a bright red LED.

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The cables to connect the headset to your PC are quite numerous. The ones and their colours are: red-mic, yellow-centre/sub, black-rear, green-line-in and a USB connector to power the whole contraption.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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8 Responses to :
Speedlink Medusa NX

  1. Ed Moore says:

    I might be missing something here but is this a review of a headset that fails to mention anything about the quality of the microphone?

    1. August says:

      The microphone’s quality is excellent. I use this headset myself.

  2. Rajje says:

    The mick stops working from time to time.

  3. Martin says:

    The headset Medusa NX 5.1 usb is Breekbaar
    De mijne ging reeds na 2 weken stuk / gebroken

  4. Martin says:

    The headset is perfect i have one of those my self and thay are great. Nothing to comply.

  5. Radek Szczepkowski says:

    Think before you buy. Headset is fragile: mine (USB version, bought 4 months ago) broke down just under the joint above the ear cup. Producer didn’t honor warranty :( bad, bad, bad.

    A friend of mine, who bought the same headset as me, has some software problems with them all the time.

    It would be a great product if it was not so unreliable.

  6. John says:

    Absolute perfect sound quality and bass effect. But it’s fragile as mentioned above so be careful with them.

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