Speedlink Medusa NX 2

Audio, Peripherals

External Features

The black headset is mostly made of plastic and is quite durable overall, it all seems solidly built. Always a bonus.

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The microphone is fuly adjustable, with a swivel and a flexible microphone cable casing.

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The headset features an in-line remote control. This has volume control, tone control and a microphone on/off switch on it.

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The connectors on the headset are standard colour coded 3.5mm jacks, there’s a gold plated 3.5-6.3mm jack included in the box incase you need it.
You get a decent length of cable with this headset, too. At 2.8m long it gives you enough cable to reach around desks, behind PCs or enough for you to have a little wander around while chatting on Skype etc.

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The headset also folds up, just to save a bit of space on your desk as it doesn’t really stay folded up if you move it. Maybe a little clip to keep it together or tie it up with the cable if you want to take it anywhere.

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The earbuds are made from a soft material that creates a nice, comfortable fit around your ears, although they do pick up fluff and dust easily.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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