Speed Link Medusa Gamer Headset


I have reviewed a couple of headsets in the past, and have owned even more but I have to say, the sound quality of the headphones on this one tops the lot. The musical tests and gaming tests both showed exactly what these headphones can do, scare the crap out of you, and make it that much easier to believe you are moshing away to a live band.

However, this headset is not without it’s little hiccups, the microphone volume was rather annoying and the length of the cables is ridiculous. Not only are they long, but the weight of so much cable gives you a constant pull on the headset, nothing too big but it can be annoying if you notice such things.

All in all though, this is a fantastic headset, giving you awesome sound quality and microphone clarity, a good choice for the music listener and gamer alike.

Ps. O yea… and I forgot to add, the standard XSR “Cool” test, do I pass?

Speed Link Medusa Cool Test

Pros Cons
Awesome sound quality Cable is far too long
Very comfortable No mic volume control
Good outside sound blocking

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