Speed Link Medusa Gamer Headset


Quiet Music – The headphones performed very well here, capturing the undulating sounds and quiet vocals surprisingly clearly, while still having some well pronounced bass in the background.
Heavy Music – The headset really shone here. The bass and treble were nicely balanced to produced a clear all round sound and even at almost maximum volume there was no distortion at all.
Fast paced gaming – The headphones performed very well here, managing to successfully make me feel part of the battles while still giving the music in the background fair play.
Atmospheric Gaming – I don’t think FEAR has ever scared me as much as it did while wearing these headphones. Several times I jumped as I heard Alma whisper and giggle behind me, so much so I was very tempted to turn around. The sound quality of these headphones made the silences all the more eerie.
Microphone quality – The microphone performed well here, no crackling was heard from anyone and my breathing was almost inaudible. However as I mentioned before, it would have been nice to have full control of my microphones volume.

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