Speed Link Medusa Gamer Headset

A Closer Look

Once I took the headset out of the case I was struck by the huge cableing that comes with it. We have here at least… 4m worth of cable coming out of the headset which to be honest, does seem a bit extreme. Headsets I have owned in the past have occasionally fell short of what I would expect them to have in terms of cable length and others have had a little too much, but this headset really does take the biscuit.

Speed Link Medusa Goodies

After untangling myself from the cableing, I had my first proper look at the headset itself, and I was very impressed by the build quality. First of all, you have a very heavily padded head band for extra comfort. Then you have the gorgeous metal grilled ear pads themselves, with a tastefully placed Speed Link logo in the middle.

Speed Link Medusa Ear Pad

Speed Link Medusa Ear Cup

As you can see, you also have a little red circle with the letter “R” on the right hand side. This is quite helpful for those using this headset for mixing work as it makes sure that you do not get a bit confused when your sound that is panned right is heard in your left ear!

Another great feature of this headset is the hugely padded ear pads, again to aid in comfort of use. However, not only that but the cup design of the ear pads allows for any outside sound to be almost completely drowned out. When listening to music in these people have had to tap me on the shoulder to get my attention because I simply have not heard them!

Speed Link Medusa Ear Pad

Moving on from the headset itself, I took a look at the end of the cables. Not only do we have the standard stereo and microphone jacks, we also have a rear sound jack and sub jack; along with the USB cable that powers the headset.

Speed Link Medusa Cables

Green – Front Sound (Stereo)
Red – Microphone
Orange – Sub
Black – Rear Sound
USB – Power

The volume control on this is quite extravagant, not only does it have the normal, on/off and volume dial, this one has a rear volume, front volume, central volume and a Vib control. This allows you to tailor the sound perfectly for your own ears, and type of game you are playing or the type of music you are listening to.

Speed Link Medusa Volume Control

Even with all these volume options I did think it was a bit of a shame that there was not a microphone volume dial or at least a mute button.

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