Speed Link Medusa Gamer Headset

A First Look

Here he have the Speed Link Medusa box. Nicely covered in features and specifications, with a few good pictures of the headset itself to give you an idea what it looks like.

Speed Link Medusa Box

Speed Link Medusa Box

On the back you can see a few close up pictures of the key features of this headset, the thick padded ear cups, the volume control and the cables that come with the headset.

After popping open the box I was surprised to see a lovely zipped carry case for the headset and all its bits. This is an absolutely awesome idea as carrying something this big around, it is very easy to break. I can’t count the number of headsets I have destroyed over the years by carrying them around in a bag without packaging them properly. Well with this headset you don’t have to worry, its already done for you!

Speed Link Medusa Headset Case

Of course the bag is also covered in Speed Link and “Medusa” print so that anyone who sees the bag knows what it contains, you big gamer you.

Unzipping the bag we get our first look at this rather large headset. We also get to see all the little goodies that come with it.

Speed Link Medusa Case

Inside we have the cables for the headset, some cable converters and a plug. The plug did kind of confuse me to be honest, I really have no idea what its for. Its not a normal plug, but seems to be a European to British power converter plug, if anyone has an idea why this is bundled with the headset please drop me a line and let me know!

NB: I have now been told by SpeedLink that this is to go with the Usb-Plug cable that is enclosed with the headset, I did not notice this while performing this review but now it is obvious. The USB-plug adaptor kit is for those that don’t want to, or can’t for lack of ports, power their headset from a USB socket.

O and if you didn’t notice, Speed Link also decided to tie a pretty red ribbon around the headset, so you not only get a functioning gamer headset, but you get a pretty headset too.

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