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Traditionally a headset is basically a large pair of earmuffs which have speakers in the ears and lots of padding for comfort. Roccat are clearly very good in this field with their recently released Kave 5.1 which was definitely given the thumbs up.

However, a second ‘headset’ was launched by Roccat but it’s not what you might think; instead the Roccat Vire is a pair of in-ear headphones that you would expect to find accompanying an iPod or other mp3 device. So, I’m guessing you’re thinking well how do I communicate in game then? Well, there is a tiny in built microphone on the wires allowing you to speak freely without a bulky microphone in front of you.

But the Vire is not only for use with PCs; similarly it can be used for iPhones, mp3 players and pretty much any sound device that will take a 3.5mm jack. Enough said, let’s take a look…

Roccat’s Take on the Vire Headset

The ROCCAT Vire Gaming Headset is on its way. It’s the symbiosis of technology and design that ROCCAT has been electrifying the community with since its inception. Now it’s time for another alliance. Gaming, communications and music – united in one headset: the ROCCAT Vire.

The ROCCAT Vire Gaming Headset unites a gaming specialist, communications expert and sounds pro in one device. With the accompanying extension adapters, you’ve got everything you need for long gaming sessions at home on the PC or notebook. And when you’re on the move, the ROCCAT™ Vire will amaze you when making calls or listening to music thanks to its ultra-light weight.

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