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The volume control that comes with the Mako is pretty interesting as far as volume controllers go. It’s also the only part of the setup that lights up, which is curious for Razer but quite welcome as only a few want blazingly bright speakers.

It seems to be a current trend to make input products, touch sensitive and this volume control is no different. This means that there’s no mechanical button to press, just resting your finger – or other appendage – on any area will perform an action. Available actions are: Raising or lowering volume by dragging your finger around half the control, adjusting bass volume, switching between line one and 2 inputs and muting the device.

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As volume increases, more blue lights are highlighted on the left hand side. This not only gives you an easy to see indication of the volume you currently have the device set at, but it looks undeniably cool as well.

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NB. For those who end up with this device, you adjust the volume by moving your finger over the blank area, not the light bar area. Yes, I spent a good few minutes thinking I’d broken it before realising my error.

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If you crank up the volume or bass up near it’s maximum, the bars turn from a blue to a red; reminiscent of car rev. counters.

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As mentioned, the bass volume is independently adjustable by pressing gently on the “Bass” text at the bottom of the device. If you don’t press anything for few seconds it will return to the main volume control automatically.

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The other options available on this device are the mute and line 1 or line 2 options. This allows you to choose the input to the speakers on the fly and to mute the sound altogether. When performing either of these functions the sound is faded in and out quickly which is far more preferably than it being suddenly cut off.

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One downside of using a touch sensitive device is that the surface is often glossy which makes it look great to start with, but over time fingerprints build up which reduces how good it looks from certain angles.

NB. Contrast and brightness are far too high in this picture, but that was the only way the camera would pick up the fingerprints. To the naked eye they are more noticeable.

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Interestingly while using the volume control I was surprised by its effectiveness. Many touch screen devices are a pain to work and require more of a press than a touch, not the Mako’s sound controller.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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