Razer Chimaera Xbox

Audio, Peripherals


This is a nice Xbox headset, one of the better ones I’ve tested to date. Certainly better than the Steelseries one I reviewed recently. It could do with some volume boosting power, but perhaps a lack of max volume is something that comes with the wireless territory; either that or Razer have a concience when it comes to their user’s ears. I would also like to see the PC cable included with the pack, but that’s because I’m a PC gamer.

All in all, the Chimaera produces a great sound in many different environments, and while for a 2.0 system you might begrudge the £80, have a listen to these and you’ll be surprised.


Good sound quality in games, music and movies
Wireless capabilities are useful
They look good, though not on me
Comfortable over long periods


No included PC cabling
Needs more volume
Slight hiss at high volumes


Last modified: May 11, 2014

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