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Razer Barracuda Headset Review


Razer have been producing some of the world’s top gaming peripherals for years. From the Boomslang to the Copperhead, and the Exact Mat to the Mantis, Razer have made their mark. However now Razer are branching out a little and trying to make a name for themselves in the world of audio, specifically gaming headsets. Bringing their traditional standards of aesthetics and style, will Razer’s new Barracuda impress? Lets see.

A little about Razer

Razer is the world’s leading brand in high-end computer gaming peripherals. We reinvented the computer gaming industry by bringing the competitive edge to gamers when professional computer gaming was in its infancy. In the mid 90s, with the advent of networked gaming and competitive first-person-shooter (FPS) games, gamers found that their legacy peripherals were inhibiting rather than enhancing their gameplay.

In the late 90s, after years of research and development, the Razer Boomslang™ gaming mouse, the stuff of gaming legends, was launched. Featuring an unprecedented precision of up to 2000 dpi when other mice maxed out at 400 dpi, the Razer Boomslang™ offered up to five times the accuracy of other gaming mice of its time. The Razer Boomslang’s™ precision technology was powered by proprietary opto-mechanical technology developed by the Razer engineering team and its sleek design and profile sculpted by ergonomics experts of its day.

And the rest is history.

Razer’s Take on the Barracuda

The Razer Barracuda™ HP-1 Gaming Headphones uses 99% oxygen-free copper cable for gaming audio signal purity. The Razer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphones also provides for eight discrete audio drivers for optimal positional audio without compromising the gamer’s comfort when using the headset.

With some of the best components selected for the ultra-sensitive speaker drivers, the Razer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphones delivers pinpoint positional accuracy essential for gaming.

The Razer Barracuda HP-1’s built-in microphone is designed specifically for in-game communications—featuring a short shaft for enhanced comfort and audio pickup, the microphone also features advanced noise cancellation capabilities ideal for frenzied in-game correspondence.

Powered with Razer Fidelity™, the Razer Barracuda HP-1 may be used with all soundcards; however, using it with the Razer Barracuda AC-1 gaming soundcard is strongly recommended as it delivers the best gaming audio experience in the world today.


8 Discrete Drivers: 6 for Mid-High Frequency, 2 for Bass
Individual Channel Volume Control / 1 Master Volume Control.
Detachable Microphone.
6 Channel Analog Inputs.
Eight Amplifiers contained within its volume control units.
Output power of 330mW.
Razer HD-DAI™ (High Definition-Dedicated Audio Interface).
99% Oxygen-Free Cable.
Frequency Response 50 Hz ~ 20 000Hz
Impedance 1.a. Front Speaker : 64ohm b. Rear Speaker : 32ohm c. Centre Speaker: 64ohm d. Sub-Woofer : 8ohm
Total RMS Power Rating 330mWatts
Cable Length 2 meter
Connector plug Razer HD-DAI™


Last modified: May 11, 2014

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