Raptor LH1


Clearly, the Raptor-Gaming LH1 has impressed me greatly; the sound quality in pretty much all the forms of media tested was very good and I couldn’t really fault it – even at high volumes it didn’t distort too much and maintained its clarity.

I’m struggling to think of negative aspects, perhaps the fact that it looks quite simple but then again this not over-complicated design suits the headset quite well. Or maybe the padding could be a little softer but I can’t really complain overall it’s very good.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a headset, there’s really no need to look elsewhere. The Raptor LH1 is a top buy and more than deserves our value award.

Pros Cons
Great sound quality Quite simple design – perhaps a little more styling would be nice
Clear microphone quality  
Good price point  
Works well for almost all forms of media  



Thanks go to Powerdrive-Compurers for providing us with this headset.

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