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So what do you think I did to test these? I used them for a few hours. Standing at my PC, using my phone while out and about. And I listened to a wide variety of music through them, jotting down some notes and eventually coming to a conclusion on their quality.

Of course being a gamer, I had to give these a shot at being my current gaming headset. That means not only did it get to provide me with my in-game audio, but it was also tested for Skype to Skype calls too.



While this might be a gaming peripheral, quality music output is a must for headsets. Whether it’s in-game music or simply listening to something outside of an in-game environment, you want the ability to listen to something at high quality and appreciate it. I tested the QH in a variety of different genres of music and found it pretty capable with everything I threw at it. High frequencies were well represented, bass was also very impressive with some wonderfully deep resonance that is hard to find in a headset. It also retained clarity even at high volumes, which is again, something that a lot of headsets fall down on.

I will say I’d have liked a little more volume boosting from the headset. Even with the windows volume cranked all the way up along with the headset, in some tracks you just wish you had a bit more. This will be a matter of personal taste, but sometimes I just wanted to crank that shit up to 11 and unfortunately it was just stuck at 10.


I played a few different titles to get a feel for the QH-90 and found it very capable in everything I tried. I had a few hours hunting in the new multiplayer mode of The Hunter, which saw it mixing in-game atmospheric noises – and the occasional crashing gunshot – with VOIP skype conversations. It all blended very well and when we weren’t talking, the QH-90 did a great job of immersing me in the outdoor environment.

In something a little more manic, like Serious Sam, I was equally impressed. Running and gunning sounds great and there was only a few instances where sounds seemed to bleed together a little.

Mic quality is also pretty good. It does pick up some background noise and there seems to be a very slight background hiss to it, but overall it works well, is clear and the maneuverable stalk is very handy when you’re eating/drinking while playing.


This could be the most comfortable headset I’ve ever worn. The soft leather earcups are so nice, I want to make a bed out of them. I’ve had this thing on for several hours now and there’s no issue. It gets a little warm due to the nature of the over-ear design, but other than that, this one’s a winner if you’re a stickler for uncomfortable headsets.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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