QPAD QH-90 Headset

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The Headset

The headset itself has that white, iPod aesthetic that’s come to be our vision of the near future. It’s clear, with nice lines and it looks good. Exposed screws was an interesting choice, as it gives it a bit of an engineering sample look, but overall this headset is up there with the best lookers.



The earpads fit over the ear, or on them if you have particularly giant ones and they’re made with a beautifully soft leather.

The ouyside has the Qpad “Q” logo in a nice, brushed silver plastic.



Switching up the styling on the headband, the QPAD logo is actually stitched into the soft leather coating over the plastic interior. The underside has another lovely soft leather sponge – this should be one comfortable headset.



The standard output for the QH-90 is a single mic-out and audio-in using 3.3mm connectors. These can be expanded however, using an extension cable, an optional volume control or converted into a single input/ouput for mobile handset usage.



Qpad-QH-90-14The microphone is detachable in-case you don’t fancy using it, the port for which is stealthed behind a little plastic inlay. This can be easily removed and the mic fits in snuggly.

Qpad-QH-90-12The mic is easily maneuverable and while the foam padding does look a little disconcerting,


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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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