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To test this bad boy out, best bet was to spend a couple hours playing games with some buddies and seeing what I think of the headphone and mic quality. It’s a tough job right? Spending two hours of a 9-5 “testing” a headset on some XBLA games?


Oh yea, how do I do on the cool test?

Plantronics Gamecom X30

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As you can see, the headset clips on the underside of your ear utilising the rotated ear bud and the grey rubber clip to hold itself in place. It never feels that sturdy while it’s there but perhaps this is more perception as it never fell out once plugged in properly. Still, I wouldn’t want to do anything involving serious exertion while wearing it.

The mic feels a bit odd initially as it’s almost in your eyeline. However, this can be adjusted by rotating it through 180 degrees and utilising the flexible arm to bend it to your desired position. There’s not a massive ammount of deviation to it, but its customisable enough to tweak it your own preference.

During testing I didn’t really have any problems with the earbud, everyone’s voices came through perfectly clearly; or as much as their official Microsoft mic’s allowed. The only thing I’d put on my wishlist would be that the max volume could do with raising. For all their worries in the safety guide about me hurting my poor little ear drums, in fact I think you’d really struggle to do that; even if your compatriots in gaming shouted constantly.

In terms of mic quality, everyone I played with reported that it transmits very clearly with no real issues with them picking up on what I’m saying; so two thumbs up there.

One other thing worth mentioning is that this is a very easy headset to setup. No faffing with control units or mixers, it it goes and off you go.


The Plantronics comes in at a very reasonable £15. Comparable official ones are around the same price and while you can go cheaper, those tend to have very poor customer reviews

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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