Plantronics Gamecom X10

Testing Methodology

As the X10 is designed for only one purpose, there was only one way I could test it – by using it on Xbox Live in various games. I chose to play Halo Reach and Call of Duty Black Ops.



In each game, the X10’s performance was excellent, proving at least as good as the Microsoft-branded equivalent in every instance. I could hear my team-mates very clearly over the headset, and while most of the chat was the standard combination of trash talk and whining, the odd tactical request came through loud and strong. My friends reported excellent sound quality on their end, so the microphone seems up to scratch as well.


The X10 was reasonably comfortable, although I think someone with a smaller cranium might have found it more so; upon removing the X10 I could definitely feel where the headset had been resting. For a moderate-length gaming sessions of a few hours, the X10 won’t disappoint.


The X10 seeks to differentiate itself primarily on cost, offering the same features as the standard headset at a slightly cheaper price. At £10 on Amazon, the X10 represents excellent value with minor improvements over the standard headset with no mentionable drawbacks.

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