Plantronics Gamecom X10

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Physical Features

The X10 has a 360-esque colour scheme of cream, grey and lime, similar to the Microsoft headset it replaces. The unpadded headband is light but seems sturdy enough; it probably won’t survive a pulling match with your dog but it won’t fall apart while you’re wearing it either.

Plantronics Gamecom X10

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As is typical for headsets of this type, the single padded earpiece is balanced by a plastic counterweight designed to sit above the other ear. The actual fit is fairly decent if a bit tight, so at least it’s unlikely to fall off mid-session. The boom microphone can be extended a few extra centimetres to get that perfect positioning.

Plantronics Gamecom X10

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The in-line remote contains a small, fiddly volume dial and a mute switch, as well as a clip for affixing the device to your shirt.

Plantronics Gamecom X10

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Overall, the build quality seems very good, particularly for a headset of this price, with simple shapes offering good strength to the headset.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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