Plantronics Gamecom X-40 Xbox

Audio, Peripherals


For such an economic little headset, this one has impressed me very much. While of course it’s doesn’t have the clarity or frequency range of some of the more expensive headsets out there it covers enough that you’re more than happy with the experience it delivers. On top of that, the X40 is a great for gaming, easily handling all the nuances, sound effects and environmental noises that you’d find in many gaming environments. Explosions might not be as bassy as you would get, but they only cost you £35, what do you expect?

This is a fantastic little budget buy. If you’re feeling the pinch at the moment but really need a new headset for your console gaming, I gotta say, the x40 is the way to go.


Good sound quality
Strong volume levels
Great value for money
Clear mic output


Cabling is a bit long
Bass and high frequencies arn’t as strong as you’d like


Last modified: May 11, 2014

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