Plantronics Gamecom X-40 Xbox

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Plantronics Gamecom X40


Recently we visited Gadget Show Live 2011 and while our article on that event did quite well, this one did a lot better. Despite that however, the real highlights of the event are checking out the hardware and one company was kind enough to let us test a lot of it. Not only that, but Plantronics were such fans it seems that they plied us with their entire range of Xbox headsets. Needless to say, we had to find bigger bags.

That aside though, today we test the first of this lineup, the Gamecom X40.


  • 40 mm speakers let you get the best sound from your Xbox
  • Communicate clearly with the adjustable microphone
  • Tuck the microphone away when not in use
  • Stay comfortable during long sessions with the specially designed earpods
  • Adjust voice and audio volumes, using on-ear controls
  • Play in style, thanks to a sleek, modern, close-ear design


Last modified: May 11, 2014

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