Plantronics Gamecom 367


The Gamecom 367 headset certainly impressed me with the realistic, clear sound quality that makes movies and games much more exciting and realistic. At higher volumes you get a little less clarity but it’s not bad for the £28.99 price tag.

The only real problem I had was with the earpieces which I could never quite get to align properly and thus after a long period of use, my ears could definitely feel it. Another thing of personal taste is the design of the headset – it’s very chunky and not particularly stylish with just red and black rings. This is a little picky though and its only personal preference.

Overall, a good headset that’s certainly worth a look.

Pros Cons
Good sound quality Uncomfortable when worn for long periods
Clear, realistic Not very stylish
Good bass
Price Point



Thanks go to Game-1 for providing us with this headset.

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