Krator N4-20U05 Neso 04 Speakers



The recurring theme is that in spite of a rather narrow soundstage, the speakers are extremely clean and crisp when playing music such as classical or digital, with light bass and distinct notes. They have been designed for “their gentle warm voice and vivid yet meaningful figure,” and for the most part have largely been successful in achieving as much. The mids and highs are definitely very clean and free from distortion even at higher volumes. The bass unfortunately is a little anaemic by comparison, even with the bass control at the back turned to maximum, but this can be expected of a portable set of speakers. There is a set of Krator speakers in the range which has the same two speakers but accompanied by a subwoofer for a combined output of 12W rather than the 5W output of these speakers. This approach may be the way to go for people who are more interested in heavy bass, bearing in mind that the much larger subwoofer would definitely hamper the portability of the speakers.

Another aspect which can be both an advantage and disadvantage is the USB powered connection. For use with laptops (probably the most common use) this is an excellent addition which saves the need for a separate power cable and power outlet, even if the laptop itself is not plugged in. Conversely, they specifically mention use with portable devices such as iPods, which obviously have no way of independently powering USB devices. This can easily be worked around with a USB mains adapter, but is obviously something to bear in mind.

Overall, for a stylish pair of speakers to throw in a bag and have on hand for some casual music listening, they will definitely draw some looks and are worth checking out.


  • USB power is handy for plugging into laptops without needing dedicated power cable
  • Stylish white raindrop owl-eye design will look well in any setup
  • Audio is crisp and clear, without becoming muddy at louder volumes


  • Bass is definitely a little anaemic
  • USB power makes it harder to use portably with independent devices like iPods


Last modified: November 23, 2011

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Krator N4-20U05 Neso 04 Speakers

  1. f says:

    I recently bought a Krator Neso 2.1 system.
    I was expecting a crisp like sound like many reviews said but it is not.
    It’s dull and muddy.

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