Krator N4-20U05 Neso 04 Speakers


Product Features

The speakers have been designed with raindrops in mind, as well as the “connection to nature resource.” Designed to look like drops of water, the speakers actually look more like Owl eyes, with their bronze speakers. They certainly catch the eye and the white plastic makes them look at home whether in a Mac or PC environment.

Kreator Neso 4

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The Neso 04s are powered by USB, with a view to being “eco-friendly” which allows them to be connected to laptops and other USB-port-sporting devices directly. The speakers connect to each other via a standard 3.5mm cable connection, then to any device sporting a 3.5mm port.

Kreator Neso 4

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The speakers were tested against a variety of music across a range of genres, in order to provide the most accurate appraisal of how each performs.

“O, Death” – Ralph Stanley: A purely vocal endeavour from the “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” soundtrack, came through extremely clean and crisp, with impressive clarity.

“Threshold” – Sex Bob-omb: A grungy overdriven song from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, which managed to stay pretty clear and not excessively muddy, but the bass definitely left something to be desired.

“Sonata No. 11 in A Major for Piano” – Mozart: Airy Classical music was particularly well-suited, albeit with a rather narrow soundstage. The music came across clear and bright, with very pleasing clarity. The same was found with The Four Seasons, “Spring,” The Well-Tempered Clavier, “Prelude and Fugue” and Serenade No. 13 in G Major from “Eine kleine Nachtmusic,” particularly in the context of stringed instruments which came through crystal clear.

“Love in an Elevator” – Aerosmith: Conversely, classic rock definitely didn’t hold up particularly well in the absence of a subwoofer. While still retaining a clean sound with little muddyness or distortion, there still was no bass response whatsoever to add to the feel of the song. With that said, Boston’s “More than a Feeling,” which is less reliant on a heavy bass presence, sounded more acceptable.

“Africa” – Andy McKee: Similar to “God & Satan” by Biffy Clyro, acoustic guitar numbers worked extremely well, providing a tight, intimate sound with excellent clarity.

“Jordan” – Buckethead: In a slightly surprising result, electric guitar shredding seemed to work very well in a solo environment. Similar in spirit to digital music of single distinct notes, the sound was clear and unmuddied, with a powerful response.

“Have Yourself a Final Little Fantasy” – Doctor Octoroc: Getting into the Christmas spirit a little early, the 8-bit stylings of Doctor Octoroc worked superbly with the speakers, with each note distinct and clean. Similarly, Souleye’s “Passion for Exploring” from the VVVVVV soundtrack was similarly clear and impressive.


The Krator speakers can be found for around £15 which is extremely good value for money for a set of basic yet stylish speakers.

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Last modified: November 23, 2011

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Krator N4-20U05 Neso 04 Speakers

  1. f says:

    I recently bought a Krator Neso 2.1 system.
    I was expecting a crisp like sound like many reviews said but it is not.
    It’s dull and muddy.

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