Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty edition


The Card

In the X-Fi range, there are 4 flavors. They are: XtremeMusic, Platinum, Fatal1ty and the Elite Pro. The XtremeMusic card is the low-end choice for audio lovers. This card doesn’t have the 64mb X-RAM onboard, and there is no 5 ½” bay meaning no remote control. The Platinum is the next card up and also doesn’t have any X-RAM onboard, but does have the 5 ½” bay. The Fatal1ty card has X-RAM and the 5 ½” bay, while the Elite Pro has all of this plus a few specialist extras designed for the audio engineer.

Today I get my hands on the Fatal1ty board which claims to improve frame rates and has EAX 4.0 HD enhancements, used in Doom 3, Prey and other games. I will only be testing the gaming element of the board, rather than the other extras that a gamer would never use.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty edition

  1. sam says:

    Does it have dts and dolby encodes?

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