Cooler Master Sirus Gaming Headset

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No packaging with this yet as it’s still being finalised in this region so its just a white box; hardly worth snapping.

Along with the headset you get a replacement pair of ear cups made of faux leather and a different cable option allowing for 3.5mm connectors.

Coolermaster Sirus Gaming Headset

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The Sirus also comes with a very fancy looking volume control. It’s pretty damn heavy and is designed to sit on your desktop, as opposed to hanging freely on the cable. It comes with a heavy, quality feel turn dial for volume adjustment, headphone and mic mute options and 6 seperate channels to adjust volumes for them individually.

Curiously in this version, the turn dial actually raises the volume when turned counter clockwise, but Cooler Master says that this will change in the final version.

However, one thing that I’m still not quite sure about is the channel selection. Pressing the centre button without label chooses which one, and the selection goes: master, front, rear, center, bass. Why not list them left to right like that?

Coolermaster Sirus Gaming Headset

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The underside is rubberised around the edges to keep the control held in place on the desk top.

Coolermaster Sirus Gaming Headset

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The connectors between headset and volume control are both gold plated to keep things durable and pretty. From the volume to the PC its dual USB headers.

Coolermaster Sirus Gaming Headset

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All cabling is also completely braided.

Coolermaster Sirus Gaming Headset

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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