Club 3D Theatron Agrippa

About Auz… erm Club 3D

Founded in 1997, under Chamber of Commerce number 34148474 at Haarlemmermeer (NL), Club 3D continues to innovate and build a viable long-term business by making solutions, creating trust, offering service and quality products to our partners

Club 3D products are going from; Desktop to Workstation PC´s, from Gaming to Multimedia PC´s, from Family to Office PC´s. Club 3D VGA cards, TV tuner and sound cards will continue to be the best solution for you.
Innovative products will meet the market requirements and close partnership with our Graphical Processor Vendors will guarantee successful operation now and in the future.

Club 3D is guided by four core values:

• Excellence
• Trust/Integrity
• Innovation
• Teamwork

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