AuzenTech HDA X Plosion 7.1


Installation is as simple as any other PCI card, but this time is a wise idea to choose the PCI slot that’s the furthest away from your graphics card to avoid shared PCI slots. While avoiding PCI sharing is impossible, this should lower the possibility of a conflict. If you have a motherboard that has PCI-e, then you can use any of the PCI slots as PCI-e is a different technology (point-to-point) rather than shared.

Before you start your PC with the new card installed, it’s a good idea to remove any onboard sound by disabling it in your BIOS beforehand.

AuzenTech HDA X plosion 7.1 DTS:Connect
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Once installed into your PC, you have to run through the simple installation wizard in Windows which also installs a rather simple 3D game test and Media Rack which is a very simple media player that won’t be used by most people and almost seems pointless as a result.

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