Auzentech Bravura X-Fi


There is no questioning the pedigree to which the X-Fi Bravura is associated with a high sound quality across all forms of media. Perhaps not quite as strong in the gaming scene, the card still performs well and excels, in particular, for music and movies with a high dynamic range, clarity and overall experience.

The drivers are simple and easy to use and despite a few problems in the installation and setting up process in Vista, the added effects and surround options are spot on.

The defining feature of any sound card has to be its enjoyment factor though and enjoy the X-Fi Bravura we sure did with the improved sound quality adding to the surround experience whether it is through music, movies or during gaming.

At £120, the card may still be too expensive for some but it’s definitely cheaper than previous Auzentech cards and we applaud them for this reduction in price whilst still offering fantastic sound quality.

The bottom line is, the Auzentech X-Fi Bravura with its superb sound quality, high calibre components and OPAMP upgradability, should be one of the first on your list if you’re looking to upgrade or invest in a fantastic sound card.

Pros Cons
Sound Quality Price (for some enthusiasts)
Dynamic Range  
Upgradability (OPAMPs)  



Thanks go to Auzentech for providing us with this sound card.

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