Auzentech Bravura X-Fi


Subjective Testing

Besides the more scientific testing produced by Right Mark Audio Analyzer, here at XSReviews we also like to conduct a series of subjective, general usage tests. By this I mean listening to music, gaming and watching movies.

Of course, being subjective, these tests are not definitive and it is important to bear this in mind.


Everyone has their own favourite music style/band/singer/artist/writer and so it makes sense to test the audio card over as many genres as possible. A mixture of light pop, chill out tunes moving to distinct vocals and rock was used to give a wide spectrum.

The great thing about the Auzentech Bravura 7.1 card is that despite all of the musical genres I tested it with, I can talk collectively about the results. In each instance, a crisp
clear sound was evident with the full range of high, mid tones and bass all clearly defined and not merging together in a blur of noise.

Both higher and lower volumes were equally as impressive without any distortion creeping in.

The bundled software allows for greater customisation to suite your particular taste by adjusting the sound through EQ effects. The Crystallizer is perhaps my favourite feature though culminating in a crisper sound encapsulated by the clarity of the high-hat.


Call of Duty: World at War

The fifth title in the Call of Duty series heads back to the world war II genre with an amalgamation of explosions, gunfire and artillery perfect for putting any audio device through its paces. However, the Bravura 7.1 excelled by not only providing the regulation concoction of booms, bangs and unadulterated violence but more importantly adding depth and layering to the sound.

Guns discharging bullets are not simply a monotonous drone but each weapon defined by unique character and sound that is infinitely more realistic. Moreover, the environmental acoustics: footfalls and the sound of distant dogs are given a welcomed increase in clarity. Indeed, all the game effects thrown at the Auzen Bravura were dealt with very well offering depth, clarity and realism.

The gaming environment is aptly handled if not quite to the extent as music was but still offering great sound quality and effectively making the Bravura a universal product with the “gaming experience” heightened by the use of both speakers and headphones with sound rushing at you in all directions. Thus, the typical shooter is transformed to a new level of immersion.


The movie testing was handled by standard DVDs with a few different titles chosen such as I Am Legend and The Day After Tomorrow used for their sound effects. In both instances, the sound quality ultimately made for a more engrossing experience with sound whistling past you in all directions placing you in the centre of the action.


At £120, the card is a little cheaper than previous Auzentech cards with all the same great features.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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