Auzentech Bravura X-Fi


Right Mark Audio Analyzer

In most instances, we prefer to carry out our own unique testing on a product so as to give a set of completely unbiased and fair results that can be compared with confidence to other data. However, two things prevent this from being possible in this review: we are unable to obtain any sound cards for comparison and Right Mark Audio Analyzer didn’t want to play ball.

Consequently this is one of the very rare times that we are including secondary data. Auzentech carried out a significant amount of RMAA testing and we have included the comparison results as seen below. While we would assume that they are of course going to look favourable on the card, we didn’t really have another choice in the matter, it was this or nothing.

Frequency Response(fr)

Auzentech Bravura X-Fi Review

Noise Level(ns)

Auzentech Bravura X-Fi Review

Dynamic Range(dr)

Auzentech Bravura X-Fi Review

Intermodulation Distortion (imd)

Auzentech Bravura X-Fi Review

Total Harmonic Distortion (thd)

Auzentech Bravura X-Fi Review

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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