Auzentech Bravura X-Fi


Software & Drivers

The driver interface has been trimmed down a great deal to just the Entertainment Mode from previous X-Fi cards which had a three-tier approach for gaming and audio creation alongside entertainment.

The main page allows access to all of the available settings and features with the ones enabled listed in a row at the top.

Auzentech Bravura X-Fi Review

The first tab is essentially for speaker configuration with the option of bass redirection and increased Crossover Frequency plus an extra 15dB Subwoofer Gain under Bass settings. This is also the place to increase/decrease the volumes of individual speakers in the setup.

Auzentech Bravura X-Fi Review

The actual effects are similar to the Bravura’s predecessors with EAX, CMSS3D, Crystallizer and EQ all present and accounted for.

Auzentech Bravura X-Fi Review

Auzentech Bravura X-Fi Review

Auzentech Bravura X-Fi Review

At the end of the line sits a jacks tab showing which cables are connected to the audio card.

Just one final point: the volumes of the speakers and headphones can be adjusted independently which is a pretty neat feature.

Auzentech Bravura X-Fi Review

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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